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Natureline [na-tra-leen]

This petroleum free product is made with certified organic ingredients. Your skin will feel rejuvenated. This deeply nourishing jelly is made with coconut oil and olive oil which helps lock in moisture. Our high-quality formula is rich in nutrients and targets inflammation caused by skin irritations. Natureline may be used to soothe rough, dry, itchy or scaly skin. Available in original unscented, citrus, lemongrass and lavender essential oil scents. New tattoo healing formula with calendula, and chamomile for extra healing properties without lifting colors or damaging your tatoo.

Natureline Organic Body Jelly

PriceFrom $10.00
  • Petroleum Free Product. Ideal for dry skin.  Natureline can be used on skin, hair, elbows, knees, lips and feet. Use as a topical salve for cuts and scrapes, to remove makeup.  May be used on chapped and/or  peeling lips, diaper rash, skin after radiation treatment, dry and/or peeling feet, healing tattoos etc.