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noun    but·ter·cream \ˈbə-tər-ˌkrēm\

:(1) an emulsifed plant based mixture containing the best butters and oils known to the skin, made without harmful chemicals, artificial fragrances or coloring  

 (2) greatness in a jar, created naturally by KenChar

Lavender Lemongrass Butter-Cream

  • So you ask, "what the heck is butter-cream?? "for the body"?

    Butter-cream is a bit more than a body cream but is not quite a body butter, it's sort of in between! KenChar's buttercream is made with lots of rich and  nutritious butters, such as kokum, tacuma, cupuacu and ucuuba butter.  We use quality oils such as acai, brazil nut and avacado oil.